by Steve Nunez


The Campagna T-Rex has been described as unique, nasty and seductive!
So a theme wasn't too hard to come up with- we just needed a good visual....

So what could we possibly paint to embody the spirit of
"nasty & seductive"~ how about a seductive Vampire?

So off to work Steve Nunez went and created this VampGirl T-Rex
from reference art the owner wanted- right onto the hood!

Cutom airbrushed with Alsa Corp's newest bases and
kandies, the artwork beams in sunlight!

This T-Rex was a hit at the 2007 Cycle World International M/C Show!

Bring your bike in and let us breathe new life into it with a
"theme" design of your choice.
Bring in the most radical artwork or photos you can find
and lets create a rolling showpiece...

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