"Saw V"
Teaser Photos
by Steve Nunez
Unfinished Photos

Cody of Connecticut decided his 2008 ZX10R was a bit too plain and wanted to
showcase the bike's "razor-sharp" handling and "cutting edge" performance and
decided the "Saw V" movie embodied the "killer" characteristics of the bike best...

95% of the aibrushing was done freehand with Alsa Corp paint~
(Except for the logo, no stencils were used- just freehand sheilds/masks)

These photos showcase the artful rendering of key scenes of the movie...

...the "Saw V" logo was added with Crystal Effects by Alsa Corp paints...

Note: many pieces were unfinished and unbuffed~

A mix of Alsa Corp. candies, solid bases and
pearls were used to create the murals throught ~

We think Cody's bike showcases the concept behind the "Saw V" Movie perfectly!

Bring in your machine for a total makeover!

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