Brosnan Trailer
By Steve Nunez

...OK, so you're awaiting delivery of your custom bike designed by none other
than master bike builder, Paul Yaffe...
...and you know you've got to tow it eventually...

...but how do you do that, yet maintain that "custom" look your killer "scoot" has...
...easy, by getting your trailer painted to match the theme-sake of your custom bike!

This was the solution Pat Brosnan had in mind for his "rolling billboard" trailer.....

With paintwork by our artist, Steve Nunez, Pat can showcase his custom cycles
and let the world know, he's arrived with style with no expense spared...
...and at the same time inform the public about the
unique services his company, The Brosnan Group offers....

This custom rig is airbrushed with
freehand portraits modeled after his daughter, Kasey Brosnan....

...Pat Brosnan owns and operates, a private investigations firm
for the private sector, and has designed his trailer to be a rolling
billboard showcasing his business' specialities.

We think Pat's trailer reflects the "high-end" clinetelle his company often attracts
and works beautifully to compliment his business efforts.....
...big thumbs up to Pat and The Brosnan Group and their "showcase" trailer!

Pat's bike's will be featured here very soon.....stay tuned!!!!

Airbrush Artist : Steve Nunez
<Images shot with FujiFilm FinePix S5000 >

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