Jeepers Creepers R1 (2004)
by Steve Nunez


Yamaha's '04 R1 viciously eats any motorcycle on the road... is well known for it's ability to skin-alive victim sportbikes...

...owner Greg Rodriquez knows when the R1 is coming, everyone better
get out of its way or be eaten...and wanted to reflect this "theme" with
a custom paintjob at BronxPowersports.

Artist, Steve Nunez and Greg agreed, the monster from Jeepers Creepers
personifies the new R1 with it's "be eatin you" menace and quickly
got to work creating the Jeepers Creepers R1 you see here...

...freehand airbrushed images with amazing detail...

Greg also chromed just about every visible piece of metal on the machine...

PPG and U-Tech automotive paint ensure a professional finish and superb depth.

A photo-realistic depiction of the creature is sure to turn heads...

...who could forget the "beatingu" truck the creature drove...
LED lights will be installed very soon!

Greg is already causing a stir in the Connecticut Show
circuit scene with his Jeepers Creepers R1....

...Greg's bike is a show-stopping bike for sure and will be
on display at the 2005 New York M/C Show at the
Jacob Javits Convention Center.

Bring in your machine for a total makeover!

Airbrush Artist : Steve Nunez

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