Joe Tardibuono's Showbike at Bay Cycles

"Sick", "Twisted", "Wicked", "Evil", "Monster", "Terror" "a complete Horror"~ all words used to
describe Suzuzki's massively-powerful developing a theme for Bay Cycles owner,
Joe Tardibuono's Hayabusa was easy, he called it, the "HorrorBusa" !!!

"The Howling"
Paint for this beast had to be ultra exotic, so we turned to Alsa Corp, makers of
the "Worlds Most Exotic Finishes" which are well known for their
clarity and brillance and are high-end, professional grade urethanes!

Airbrush artist, Steve Nunez used Alsa's kandies and bases to achieve
depth and brillance in the free-handed artwork shown on the various bodypanels.

Kandy Coated headlight, just out of view and "JigSaw" mask
handle the front profile of the

No detail was spared creating the HorrorBusa. Note the custom clip-on's, upper triple trees
& grips as well as tank spacer- all triple chromed for the utmost in brillance.

Just about every visible metal part has been triple chromed!!!

A glass-like clear-coat finish tops off the tank rendered with a mix of kandies and
base colors to achieve a genuine, detailed menacing look.

Note the sandblasted gas-cap to ensure the strongest of paint adhesion...
... Intensely brilliant colors literally "flame-up" in sunlight!

"Scary Movie & Jason"
Airbrushed artistry tinted with Alsa's "Kandies"
showcase the brillance of the paintwork.

"Resident Evil"
Controlled areas of "pearlized bases" create sparkle in sunlight!
Minute details are almost invisble "Pop" in direct sunlight revealing
tons of special effects and tones at various angles!

Triple chrome plated Track Dynamics 4" over extended swingarm
and "Judge" Performance Machine rims complete the rolling duties.

Air Ride suspension shown here at "rasied" position.
Note the extensive use of chromed custom parts.....bling!

"Subway Attack"
Custom tail-section and tail-ight assembly trick out the
rear of this, "one of a kind" show~piece showbike!

"Freddy Vs Jason"
No Horror Theme is complete without Freddy & Jason.

"Halloween-Michael Myers"
Chromed Insignia engine covers protect the bikes evil insides and
proudly procliam the Hayabusa heritage!

"Leather Face- Texas Chainsaw Massacre"
This bike is sure to attract attention at every bike-meet!

If you can imagine it- we can create it,
bring in your bike for a custom paintjob and makeover!

Airbrush Artist : Steve Nunez

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