The Godfather 'Busa
by Steve Nunez

Suzuki's Hayabusa is without doubt, one of the most visually stunning
motorcycles of which many consider the "Godfather" of todays 180mph+ motorcycles!

Having a commanding presence and giving the owner a sense of complete
power much like a Godfather- made the theme of choice for this bike easy,

Theme set- we had one clear images were
available from the Godfather movie series. We ordered every available
poster and book and were disappointed by the grainy images...

...So we went directly to the source- the movie itself!!!!
We used a collector's set of the Godfather DVD's and actually worked
directly from images off the DVD.....our artist Steve Nunez was set to work from the most
challenging project to date.......needless to say we're thrilled with the photo-realistic artwork.

Introducing, the "GodFather 'Busa"......

Gold anodizing and chrome plating everywhere, make this bike a show-stopper. Billet aluminum
chromed "pistol" footpegs and "gun-slinger forkcaps" and bar-end weights unmistakingly
let everyone know this is one SERIOUS showcase machine.....

Custom made aluminum wheels CNC machined with a "Gunfighter" design
scream "ultimate" show bike. Euro-tail and lengthend swingarm- triple chromed
let everyone know this is one machine that has no expense spared.

((unfinished teaser photos-))

The Godfather Busa has got to be one of the most sparkling designs to hit the show
circuits- so owner Joe Tardibuono had the bike outfitted with a complete
custom strobe kit and neons..... this machine sparkles from every angle!!!

((unfinished teaser photos-))

Not to be outdone in any regard- this Godfather Busa also sports
remote-controlled air-ride suspension- the bike lowers itself to the ground
in seconds- without even touching it.......this is one wicked machine!

To keep pace with it's "GodFather" image- the bike has "Gold-leafing" to
show it's no pretender- this is the real GodFather of all bikes!

Freehand airbrushed with several key scenes from the Godafther movie, this bike
is sure to create a stir wherever it goes......a crowd machine for sure!!!!!


See High Definition Video

This bike was designed from the very beginning to be the
show bike with no expense or effort spared.
We're very proud of the the Godfather Busa project and hope you join us at the
2005 New York M/C Show
at the Jacob Javits Convention Center Jan 21st-23rd, 2005!

See High Definition Video

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