Rise Of The Machine

by Steve Nunez

The Terminator, a machine designed to end the existence of all others.
If you understand the purpose of the Terminator, you'll understand the
Rise Of The Machine, Busanator- a machine designed to end the exsistence
of all other motorycles! A machine with no equal- this was the idea behind
Suzuki's Hayabusa motorcycle and of course perfectly paralled our
expectations and design specification for this "high impact" motorcycle.

Finished with the absolute highest quality chrome-plating and high-clear red anodizing
this is a machine to destroy all others. No expense was spared to create the Busanator, from
2003 spec series 700 LED-lights and strobes to custom bead-locked aluminum wheels, there's
simply no other machine like the "Busanator". Factory paint was removed and re-based
with our "secret" black base with airbrushing by our resident airbrush artist, Steve Nunez.

With airbrushed graphics from the latest T3 Movie, we left no room for doubt as to our showcase
intentions and show winning desire for this "machine." The airbrushing includes graphite custom paint
effects and photo-quality image rendering via precise Iwata airbrushes- there are over 10 robots rendered
in full detail! Custom bodywork is fully rendered, even the undertail has a detailed robot
complete with flourescent House Of Kolor painted eyes (with LED's) and chrome treatment!

The custom transparent tinted red headlamp with fully functional strobes and LED lights,
make this, truly a machine to be seen to be appreciated.

...be sure to find us at local
auto/bike/cycle shows around the NY, PA, NJ, CT areas.

Contact Us if you know of a custom cycle show we should attend.

No decals anywhere-- those letters are airbrushed!

House Of Kolor Transparent painted headlamp!

Custom "Bead-Locked" terminator rims- accent anodizing!
Modified Carbon-Fiber "Busanator" exhaust.

Realistically airbrushed "metal Femme" T3 terminator-
all paint is automotive commercial grade urethanes!

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