Sin City Busa
by Steve Nunez

Pending Final Complete Photography

What would happen if you took Suzuki's fastest sportbikes,
Hayabusa and GSX-R1000 and blended them together?

Owner, Jon Cook of Massachusettes had the great idea
of making a one-off custom special...

...something "Sinfully" special, so what you see here
is a custom 'Busa-GSX-R Sin City Themed hybrid Suzuki !

The paint is Alsa Corp. base-coats and kandies...
All areas in black change color according to temperature,
this is Alsa Corp. Paint, "exposures" high technology coating...

All artwork is intrictaely detailed with the smallest of details airbrushed in.

Various scenes depicted photorealistically on heat reactive, "exposures" coating.

Fully customized Suzuki Hayabusa 99% free-hand
airbrushed with Alsa Corp. Paint and Kandies.

Stunning show-quality clear-coating!

Bring your bike in and let us breathe new life into it with a "theme" design of your choice.
Bring in the most radical artwork or photos you can find and lets create a rolling showpiece...

Steve Nunez

Ask for our artist, Steve Nunez.

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