Car Hood Gallery
Chromatic Photorealism
by Steve Nunez
Chromatic Photorealism

The Casey Kaplan Gallery of New York City commisioned a series of 26 Classic Car Hoods
for private collectors throught the world to be showcased at several international gallery exhibitions.


The Hoods were to depict famous black/white photographs of older "Americana"

These hoods had to capture the essence of the original
photograph down to the grainy-look of old-time high ISO film.

These two hoods were unique as they were "hight-time" scenes...

This "Standard" hood was purchased by singer George Michael of "Wham."

These hoods will never be put on a car
and are to be showcased at art shows exclusively.

This hood was from an earlier project and depicts a famous photographer's "cylinders" theme.


Here you see them on the easel unfinished and ready for additional working...

Some of these hoods may be featured in an exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art!

Every hood was airbrushed with Alsa Corp Automotive paints!

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