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Steve Nunez

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Q- How much does it cost to get a bike painted?

A- Because there are so many variables in determining paint costs, there's no easy way to answer this question. For the most part, motorcycles range in price from $3,500 $12,000 depending on design complexity, prep and materials.

Q- How long does it take to paint a motorcycle?

A- On average it takes about 2-3 weeks from start to finish- but it's safer to assume 3 weeks for a margin of time.

Q- What kind of paint do you use?

A-We use Alsa Paint professional grade "automotive" paint- the same type of piant your car is painted with from factory! We exclusively use Alsa Paint as we feel it's the highest quality type of automotive paint in the world- visit Alsa's web site to view their spectacular line of finishes and special effects paint- and we think you'll agree there's no finer paint available at any price!

Q- Is there anything I can do to make the job quicker or less expensive?

A- Yes, we suggest removing the parts to be painted and cleaning them thoroughly with a degreaser (we suggest wax-prep solvent- often available at automotive paint shops.) If you're changing the base color you might want to have a local bodyshop change the base color to reduce the time we need with it and lessen the expense. You might also arrange for the same bodyshop to clear-coat the artwork after we're done with it- this will also lessen your final cost with us. Also we suggest gathering as many photos or sketches of the design or theme you'd like painted and get them to our artist Steve Nunez, this can include magazine clippings, web photos etc.....the more time we have to spend gathering artwork or reference material for your project- the greater time it will take to complete. Having a folder with all your "ideas" in it really speeds up the project.

Q- I have some ideas- can you sketch something up for my approval?

A- Because of the high volume of "requests" we receive, we simply cannot sketch every contact we receive. For customers who are serious and dedicated to getting their projects done, we can create digital compositions for approval- this requires and investment of time on our part and we require a $200 fee- which we'll apply to your credit should you decide to get the project done. We can normally get these "comps" done within 2-3 days.

Q- Do you paint other things besides bikes?

A- Yes. Anything and everything, if it can be painted and you can arrange it, we'll do it. Cars, jet-skiis, refridgerators.......anything!

Q- OK, I've decided to get my bike painted- what do I do now?

A- What we suggest is to have a budget for the paintwork and be prepared with 50% deposit. Contact Steve at 347 996-2524. For non-local projects- be prepared to carefully pack your paintable pieces and be ready to ship them. Use plenty of bubble-wrap as we'll ship your pieces back to you in the same boxes we received them in.

Be patient and allow the artist time to create his best work- time often yields great results. We'll ship your parts back upon final payment, and hope to hear from a very excited show-bike owner!

Thanks for considering us for your next show-bike paintjob.

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