WTC "Comic Artwork" Bike


When Vinny contacted us and let us know he wanted to create a commemoration cycle
of the WTC event as rendered by Marvel Comics- we knew he'd have something special... are photos from Vinny's 2002 Honda Shadow
in commemoration of the "World Trade Center- Sept. 11th" event.

Captain America weeps as he ponders the devastation to NYC and it's people.

"The Incredible Hulk putting the US Flag back on top"
(Front Fender)

Vinny's Shadow is now a rolling showpiece of American Pride and Spirit....

...bring your bike in and let us breathe new life into it with a "theme" design of your choice.
Bring in the most radical artwork or photos you can find and lets create a rolling showpiece...

Steve Nunez

Ask for our artist, Steve Nunez.

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