Wolverine Marauder
by Steve Nunez

Ray came into the shop looking to personalize his Marauder.
He wanted something mean and new- but something recognizeable and statement making.
Something that would "tear" apart other's themes...

...well one character for his Suzuki came to mind that fts his description- Wolverine of the X-Men!

Take a look at Ray's machine and you'll likely agree-
Wolverine was the natural choice for this maraudering "Marauder"!

Wolverine is indeed a "maraudering" character!!!

Baked and polished to a high-sheen- the clearcoat glistens!

The blades were rendered with actual
silver paint and airbrushed for realsim!

Ray also had choice bits chromed for a finsihed "high" look.

Congratulations Ray on your new machine!
Airbrush Artist : Steve Nunez

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