Vices GSX-R 1000
by Steve Nunez

Jon Cook had a simple idea- to depict the vices of life on his 2004 Suzuki GSX-R1000.
Sounds simple, but the concept behind this theme is as complex as any other theme we've tackled.

Jon's Machine would entail the depiction of various life's vices; money, gambling, women
and the daily life's struggle between good and evil.....

Jon provided us with some sample graphics and a few requests. What you
see here is the result of weeks of prep, art & design to produce... of the most striking themes we've put together.....
we congratulate Jon and present this "Vices" theme showbike preview,

Spectacular pearled metallic colors with airbrushed stripping really
shine in direct sunlight....

Blue Kandy over roulette wheel graphics and Alsa Paint "Mystic Colors" cause these
pieces to "shift" colors at various angles- very trick!

House of Kolor Kandy Red over metallic sub-flames on the undertail will mystify
onlookers with it's subliminal effect...

Gambling Vices are depicted all over the bike and are well represented
with freehand airbrushing on the GSX-R tank surfaces...

With the vices of life comes the ultimate vice- female seduction!

Detailed freehand airbrushing of super-sized $100 bills will surely get the crowd's attention...

Jon's handpicked photo reference elegantly style the upper fairing...


Photorealistic depictions of the "vices" of life-

Kandy Coated undertail and potraits make this bike a real show-winner....

This is one machine that will surely turn heads........stay tuned for completed photos.

Airbrush Artist : Steve Nunez

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