Radio Control Gas Boat

XXX Boatworks R/C Gas Powered Boat

In the world of Radio Control boating, large custom gasoline-powered
boats represent the pinnacle of performance and the folks over at XXX Boatworks
make some of the finest "custom" gas r/c boats in the world.

Owner Ivan Martinez ordered a custom designed hull for the open-water oceans
and beaches of New York City. With a race-inspired deep-V hull design, XXX Boatworks
has produced another show-stopping boat that goes as fast as it looks.....

...this is one boat that can handle the rough seas and
easily pass ocean going jet-ski's and jet-boats!

XXX Boatworks supplies the boats finished in
high-quality fiberglass that's gel-coated but unpainted.... Owner Ivan Martinez contacted his long time friend
and artist, Steve Nunez for a custom paintjob....

Steve and Ivan collaborated on colors and design and produced the stunning
boat you see here. House of Kolors flourescent paint and blends of various
PPG colors make for a paintjob that will withstand the vigors of ocean salt-water running!

We were so impressed with the boat, Bay Cycles owner, Joe Tardibuono
ordered a custom XXX Boatworks boat for himself!

We congratulate Ivan on his fantastic boat...
...stay tuned for Joe's boat to appear here soon as well as video
clips and photographs of Ivan's fantastic machine.

Steve Nunez

(Photos courtesy, Ivan Martinez, Canon EOS 10D digital SLR)

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