Airbrushed Artwork
by Steve Nunez

Suzuki "Ghoul" GSX-R

The owner Ray, of this new GSX-R belives his bike to be the most evil of
bikes out there, so we thought it fitting to portray the "evilness" out there
in radical "ghoul" airbrushing style...

We think Ray's GSX-R has definite "monster" styling and paintwork,
details such as metalflake pearlescent paint and flourescent colors topped off with
no expense spared anodizing and polishing, along with top quality show-finish
chroming add to the "monster" appeal of this bike....

Ray's bike is a rolling showcase of what to do in customizing
a cycle for that unique flair...
...electric barbed wires, flaming beings
alongside sharp-toothed gouls add a flair not often seen in sportbikes today...
...miles deep clearcoating and glowing eyes add a depth of mystery as to the story this cycle can tell.....

Ray has a unique cycle that is sure to be a crowd winner wherever it goes....

super, show-finish chrome-plating means
business and tops off this cycle in a big way...
check out the anodized accents on the aluminum parts,
the entire cycle was treated with the finest quality detailing
in anodizing, polishing & chrome-plating offered today.

Bring your bike in and let us breathe new life into it with
a "theme" design of your choice.
Bring in the most radical artwork or photos you can find
and lets create a rolling showpiece...

Steve Nunez

Ask for our artist, Steve Nunez.

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