PlayStation Scooter

by Steve Nunez

There's no denying Honda's new Reflex Scooter as the best in current scooter design.
It represents the very best in current scooter technology and design yet maintains
the "FUN" factor scooter's are famous for... when Jeremy Rodriguez picked up the new Honda scooter-
he knew the "FUN" factor had to be exhibited in a unique way.....

Since the Reflex was designed to be a "fun" way of getting around...
Jeremy chose one of the most "FUN" devices he knows,
Sony's PlayStation!

...this scooter is decked out with full chromed pieces everywhere...
...if you can see it- it's been chromed by the crew at Bay Cycles.
Custom airbrushed with characters from game-art of the Sony PlayStation
by our artist,
Steve Nunez ~this machine is stunning.

Mortal Kombat, Anillation shining through the gold &
bronze metallic paint-work- over a hybrid black basecoat.

Neon yellow-flamed eyes lend a sense of intensity that
has to be seen to be believed....

Metallic and pearlescent paint are everywhere
in this show-stopping scoot!

DragonBall Z, Full-Metal Alchemist
Alien Vs Predator, The Punisher, True Crime
Grand Theft Auto- San Andreas are all
present and accounted for....

This is one vehicle that has to be seen to be believed-
Check for this PlayStation Scooter at the next show- it'll be there...

...and while you're looking- find Jeremy and tell
him how "Gangsta" he is!

Airbrush Artist : Steve Nunez

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