Kandy Girls

by Steve Nunez
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Yamaha's V-Star is quite an awesome machine- traditional clean cruiser lines
with sexy styling- how else can the V-Star be described?
Well we decided to go the extra step- and put the "sexy styling"
description to actual use...

...this bike is actually laced with some of the sexiest women ever to adorn
a custom motorcycle..wearing nothing but a kandy coat, the bike is now "bold" as ever
and is sure to turn heads everywhere it goes....

...the provactively naked women are classy and rendered with very
"fine" realistic detail and lend an air of "wonder" to this custom V-Star-
-owner Tito will surely get the "star" treatment wherever he
takes this jaw-dropping ride...

That's the sun shining through to the gold metallic basecoat....
...double kandy like no other....

...have a peek at the photos- I think you'll agree, this is
one BOLD-SEXY cruiser like no other....

Starting with a kandy wine over gold basecoat and the addition
of airbrushed graphics again kandied, produced the stunning results
you see here- a very unique approach to kandy custom paint means
you'll likely not see another bike quite like this one......

This bike was notoriously difficult to photograph, the deep
gloss and dual kandy treatment is not easily photographed in
most lighting situations- we will reshoot this bike in
the near future- stay tuned for updated April photos.

(details lost in sun glare)

Custom seats and optional parts abound.....
nearly every metal surface has been chromed....
...not stopping there, the frame was then powder-coated
to match the kandy-wine transparent paint treatment...

Smiles are sure to follow this machine....

Airbrush Artist : Steve Nunez

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