Iron Horse
by Steve Nunez

The American Ironhorse Chopper you see
pictured here is a very special ride.

This bike is owned by Vernon Spinner and
is a rolling showcase of select choice components,
custom chrome top-flight running gear, but was lacking that
"show-quality" paint-job Vernon was looking for.

Vernon knew he had to have this cutom rod tricked out to the hilt
with custom airbrushing and contacted Steve Nunez for the job!

Vernon and artist Steve Nunez collaborated on different designs and
thought what better way to personify the "wicked" Ironhorse style than to
include some fiendishly evil, "killer skulls."

Nearly impossible to show through photographs
is the freehand airbrushing and metallic paint
thorughout this custom paintjob.

Fiendish ghouls sit atop a trio of "evil skulls."

Ironhorse provided Vernon with some matching
orange paint they use to paint thier frames for this project-
the paint's brillance and sparkle is outstanding.

Vernon's no small guy- so this custom bike fits him like a glove.

Long raking lines compliment the "chopper" look that's become the
hot look of current bike builders everywhere.

The sparkling metallic paint isn't visible in the photographs
but shines with brillance in direct sunlight.

You have to show a metal ironhorse graphic- or it
just wouldn't be an American Ironhorse.

Beautiful classic lines that never age- a true classic chopper.

A show-stopping rear end graphic all rendered in PPG
metallic paints- has to be seen in person to truly appreciate!

Vernon Spinner's vision was simple- to create a "wicked" looking
American Ironhorse Chopper that's second to none!
Congrats to Vernon and his fine show-stopping custom chopper!

(Stay tuned for Vernon's next project- demons and dragons with sexy females!!!)

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