Hulk ZX-9R
by Steve Nunez

OK- so you own a green 2002 Kawasaki ZX-9 and would like to personlize it with
modern graphics but would like to keep a traditional scheme to it- yet stay current......what to do???

Hearing about the2003 summer's movie adaptation of the HULK to the
big screen gave owner, Tomas the perfect solution.

Our idea was to combine the old and new Hulk figures into a modern
sportbike paint scheme with graphics of Bill Bixby turning into
the Hulk as played by Lou Ferrigno- with the front windscreen getting the new
movie chararcter's looks.......we think it's a "smash" hit!

-----> scroll down to see the creation of the Kawasdaki ZX-9R HULK!


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