Gangsta GSX-R
by Steve Nunez

We all knew the GSX-R was bad.....but we didn't know it was this bad.....

Featuring the Gangsta GSX-R1000....the baddest sportbike in history
with a namesake and theme to match......

Freehand airbrushed portraits adorn the entire fairing of this incredible
custom GSX-R "Gangsta" machine....tuff, tuff, tuff.....

Wave Rotors and select chroming alongside custom PM wheels with a
bead-lock system mean this machine is equally at home on the
mean streets as well as the "show-circuits"....

100% riders machine.....there's no meaner GSX-R anywhere!

This 'Devilish' "Machine Gun" pipe was custom fabricated with machine-gun silencer
looks to be both functional and aesthetic in nature- this pipe was designed to be blasted! can anyone deny the instant "awe" this GSX-R commands? This bike will turn heads
and stop shows dead on arrival- The Gangsta" GSX-R is all business!

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<Images shot with Sigma SD9 Digital SLR>

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