by Steve Nunez

Jessie James builds a limited number of custom cruisers called "Diablo"...
...so a theme was easy. But how do you personify the devilish "Diablo" concept.....

Well if you're Anthony- you go full bore and
you custom paint some of the most wicked "hellish" characters imagineable
in candy-apple reds and wines and engorge them in stylized, metallic
colored flames with touches of specialized flourescent paint...

Here's a sneak peak at a "Diablo" done Steve Nunez ~New York Style!

What you see here are creatures of hell in silver base with wine and red candy coats!
The eyes above were painted with House of Kolor "neons" paint and literally glow under black-light!!!

Here's the tank with a "Diablo-esque" character waiting to
burn up the custom show scene.

Free-hand airbrushing...

...Un-assembled bike prior to final construction and polish...
Looking WILD already!

The fully assembled bike is sure to "Heat Up" the crowds!

Final photos coming soon!

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