Yamaha R1

by Steve Nunez


Yamaha's R1 is quite possibly the trickest, sportiest most hard edged sportbike ever to roam the streets. The ultimate racer replica that serves double duty as a "wheelie weapon" in the right hands. What dual themed concept would be fitting of such a dual edged weapon? Something totally outrageous yet bold enough to symbolize the character of the R1.....
How about the NOT good but NOT evil character of Spawn?

Spawn is the creation of the devil to lead his army- yet the Spawn character himself made this deal only to save a loved one....The R1 embodies the "track/street" concept and takes it further than any other sportbike on earth....Spawn is the PERFECT theme for such a hard edged machine.

Epi, the owner of this Spawn R1 didn't stop with the paintwork....he also had the full; chrome-polish and anodize treatment!

From the anodized Devil exhaust and wheels to the polished forks- this bike is all show and definitely all GO!
We think Epi's R1 is about the baddest machine to hit the streets of NYC- congrats to Epi!


There are traces of neon/flourescent paint added throught to give the machine a serious hint
of highlights throught-
this bike ought to be a showstopper under neon lights!

You'd swear those engine covers were mirrors- the polish is that smooth and bright!

Perfectly color matched anodized R1 wheels really add flair to this R1.


Beautiful paintwork and excellent quality worksmanship
are evident throughout this machine.

Big thumbs up to Epi and the 2003 riding season.

Come talk to our airbrush artist, Steve Nunez and let's see
what we can come up with for your motorcycle.

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