by Steve Nunez

Featured in Urban Bagger Magazine Feb.2016 Showcase

Steve Caldararo owns an insanley tricked out 2014 Harley Davidson Bagger.
Modified with custom chrome parts, custom wheels and sound system, all Steve needed
was a custom paint-job to really finish off this beautiful machine.
Steve decided he wanted to make a statement about his faith and contacted Steve Nunez in helping
create his unique concept of "Righteous Or Die." ~

Depicting Christ/God and Salvation versus the unrighteous ways of man, with
depcitions of "sinful lust" and "agony" in the turmoil of man's evil ways....
...photorealistic images of skulls, force against will and regret, all lead to
the choice of "Righteous or Die"......



H/D Tank still in progress depicting a "wraith" and "Mary & Baby Jesus"......uncleared and in progress....

Rear Fender- this is the last image you'd see on the bike....
The message: you still have a chance!

This Harley Davidson upper fairing will never see the road,
~owner Steve customized it into a "Decor Showpiece" with working headlight
as a garage decoration in similar motif to his actual
motorcycle upper batwing!

This "batwing:" upper is painted with metaalics and intense base colors depicting "Jesus" about to be crucified as well as popular statue design and "Risen" glorified look~

Desire, enticement, regret, ~ properties of the sinful lifestyle ~

Rape, ~ perhaps forced against will, a powerful depiction of "unrighteousness"

This piece showcases the desire of "Lust"

This angle reveals the state of agony of mankind with life of sin~

A sinful life leads to what....... ?

The choice is "Righteous Or Die" ?

A crucufued and risen Christ ~ how will you answer the question Steve's bike causes you to ponder ????

Righteous Or Die tank, prior to you can see an angel with desire, and a man reaching for the righteous way.....

Seduction.....metallic eyelbrows and enticing figure.......
... what's your choice ?

Agony, pain, suffering, a regretful life of unrighteous choices......

Steve's bike tail piece will reveal to all lookers behind him.....
....Jesus is offering his hand in salvation......

A most powerful statement and look to a very unique motorcycle.

Prior to clearcoating and pinstripping......

In polar opposite to the right "Righteous" side, you see the depiction of the evil one and the firey doom of a life of ~unrighteousness~

Studio Photos Courtesy,
Jennifer Miles
Milestone Images

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