H/D Harley
by Steve Nunez

In this day and age- the letters HD usually mean "High Definition"-
but to a motorcyclist the letters "H D" mean only 1 thing:

~~~~~~Harley Davidson~~~~~~

Owner Rich, said he wanted something "laid back" yet exciting...nothing too over the top
but nice, but it had to have the letters, "HD" on it......

...so artist, Steve Nunez decided to incorporate the "wave-flame" graphics we had agreed on, with a NY
"Graffiti" type graphic with the letters "HD" being stylized in transparent black.....

...the result is the "HD Harley Davidson".....

...Rich's bike is grafted with stylized letters in an relaxed motif,
with a contemporary feel yet the energy of NYC Graffiti...

...this is one design that stands out and can't be copied....
Rich's HD Harley is simply in a class of it's own in a
NY State of Mind!

Classic "Harley" flair done NY Style....

Subtle chrome accenting really make
this an "adult" ride.....

Thumbs up to Rich's new HD Harley !!!

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<Images shot with Nikon D1 Digital SLR>

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