Dragon Custom
by Steve Nunez


(Click here-See the Custom Dragon Video)

Well, we know it was entirely handbuilt...custom frame,
custom tank and custom fenders molded into the sexiest
styling execution of metal we've seen in quite some time...
...but how do we portray the "sexyness" yet pain-staking
"fireworking" metal-craft that went into this bike.....

.....the solution.....

(all photos show paintwork before clearcoating)

An airbrushed masterpiece rendered entirely of
metallic automotive paint unlike any other-
the Dragon Custom of Joe Pavao!

(all photos show paintwork before clearcoating)

A Sexy styled woman amongst fire-breathing dragons seemed to be the natural
selection for this bike.....we love it!

This bike was showcased at the 2005 Boston Motorcycle Show

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