"300" 'Busa
Teaser Photos
by Steve Nunez
Unfinished Photos

Darryl Wright from North Carolina decided he wanted his custom "300" sized tire
Suzuki Hayabusa to have a stunning themed paintjob.
The theme was undecided initially, but after having realized it sports a
"300" sized rear tire- the idea of a "300" theme was thought about-

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Note the custom fiberglassed upper fairing in gladiator trim!

So how do we go about creating a theme for the "300"?

The idea was simple- the Movie "300" came about and the thought of a single 'Busa
designed to showcase it's power and performance with a show-stopping paintjob was born!

Here's Darryl's 300 Busa..... (unfinished photos)

95% of the aibrushing was done freehand with Alsa Corp paint~
(no stencils were used- just freehand sheilds/masks)

The headlight was candy coated with Alsa Corp's, Candy Apple Red

Note: many pieces were unfinished and unbuffed~

A mix of Alsa Corp. candies, solid bases and
pearls were used to create the murals throught ~

We think Darryl's bike showcases the concept behind the 300 Movie perfectly!

Bring in your machine for a total makeover!

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